Dofern D1 5000 W

For those wanting the latest technology to explore the urban jungle. The 3 wheeled Dofern D1 supplies 5000 W of it's power through a central motor to the rear wheel and has two 14" front wheels coupled to an automatic balance system for maximum stability and comfort of use in and around your city. Equipped with two 60V 40Ah extractable high-performance lithium battery packs, 36 litres of storage under the seat allowing for space for two full helmets, adjustable rear suspension, 3 brake discs, LED lighting, a Bluetooth speaker and more.

Battery: 60V 40Ah (x2)

Autonomy: 100 km

Power: 5000 W

Speed: 100 km/h

Brakes: Front + Rear discs brakes

Weight: 140 kg

Classification: L3e

8.600 €

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