Lvneng S3

The Lvneng S3 (EEC) is the perfect city scooter. With a 1750 watt electric motor made by Bosch to ensure optimum quality and performance, the S3 has a limited top speed of 45 km/h. The S3 is equipped with a 25 Ah Lithium battery produced by Samsung for a range of 80-120 km and is fully removable, allowing you to easily charger the battery at home or at your office location. The battery is of high quality and is of the same type as the batteries used in the Tesla Model S. The S3 also sports many unique features including a parking mode, reverse gear, bluetooth connectivity and USB charging ports for a mobile phone.

Battery: 60V 25Ah

Autonomy: 80-120 km

Power: 1750 W (1.8 kW Motor)

Speed: 45 km/h

Brakes: Front + Rear discs brakes

Weight: 64 kg

Classification: L1e

2.450 €
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