Velocifero Mini Mad

Electric, foldable, but also agile and compact. The Velocifero MINI MAD offers the very original signature styling of the Velocifero scooter range: the bamboo footrest echoes the latest generation of skateboards and the fat tyres give it a sports look. The Velocifero MINI MAD is stylish and practical with a removable seat, folding handlebars, and rear disc brake, it's lower weight and smaller size make it the perfect urban scooter to zip around urban terrain.

Battery: 48V 10Ah

Autonomy: Up to 30 km

Power: 800 W

Speed: Limited to 25 km/h delimited 30 km/h

Brakes: Rear disc brake

Weight: 28 kg

1.075 €
1.300 € Save 225 €
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