Foton e-Aumark

Foton EV is mainly engaged in full solutions in pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel, focusing on the R&D and design of vehicles. The future is electric, and the shift is now. Foton EV, evolve in a better world.

Battery: 81.14 kWh
Top Speed: 90 km/h
Rated power: 11 kW
Max Torque: 140/300 Nm
Weight: 2470 kg
Load Capacity: 6000 kg

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More about the Foton e-Aumark

10kW ePTO port provides the power to the special structure.

The cabin meets R29 strength standard. Doors can achieve 90° opening angle.
High Efficiency (max 97%) / Lighter Weight / Longer lifetime.
Brighter and more stable (aprox 80000 hours).
Lighter and faster heat emission.
Chassis for all kinds of special purpose vehicles.

CATL Lithium Iron-Phosphate Battery With Liquid Cooling System – More safety and long life cycle.

Aiding the driver for better safety when manoeuvring.

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