HiPhi Z


The HiPhi Z is a five-door shooting brake luxury vehicle. The embodiment of LuxTech that brings an unrivalled driving & riding experience. An intelligent grand tourer for the creators of today.

Battery: 120 kWh
Autonomy: 550 km
Top Speed: 200 km/h
0-100 km/h: 3.8 sec
Rated power: 494 kW
Max Torque: 820 Nm

Pay deposit of 1,000  per item

More about the HiPhi Z

  • Seat heating/ventilation/massage
  • Soundproof glass
  • 3-zone air conditioning
  • Concealed electric air vent
  • Available in 4-seater and 5-seater models

Light and Vector Array Ambient Light
Light array of ambient lighting is created by two-layer / two-color injection molding process. The fascinating light pattern effect builds a sci-fi tactile and visual impact.

Front & Rear Dualtone Seats
Fully differentiated front and rear seat style, 14-way adjustable front row with OTA massage function, emphasizing driving and fatigue relief; 2-way adjustable rear cocoon seat headrest, easy lying position.

Holographic Luminous Nappa Leather
NAPPA leather with multi-pearlescent coating, HiPhi Z creates a brand-new colorful leather that is the first application in the automotive industry to achieve multi-dimensional satisfaction of touch, vision and function.

Energy Crystal Shifter
Special crystal laser engraving where every detail needs to be manually positioned to give the most perfect technological experience and luxurious texture.

23 Speakers with Dual-Kilowatt Class Performance
23 speakers with double kilowatt power performance (2,820W@10% THD, 1,920W@1% THD) deliver excellent sound quality and sound field from Meridian Audio.

The HiPhi Z features HiPhi’s signature NT door design, to create more room for ingress/egress. The power suction and automatic opening/closing function make ingress to and egress from HiPhi Z exceptionally easy.
Composed of 2.6 million reflective micro mirrors , independent night vision cameras and computing chips, it not only provides accurate full scene adaptive lighting, but also supports personalized interaction with the outside world.

Both sides equipped with 1314 LEDs. Words displayed flowing from rear door to front door. Possibility to convey emotions of digital GT via emoji.

Active spoiler deploys automatically at over 80 km/h. Increases downforce to optimize aerodynamic performance. Manually deployable whenever required.
The unique Active Grille Shutter (AGS) for BEVs. Speed-sensitive opening and closing reduce drag coefficient, improving motor cooling and ensuring performance at all times.

The world‘s first soft rubber wheel insert on a 22“ wheel. A visually stunning design that can protect your hub from scratches. Matched with high-performance tires to deliver unique performance experience.

The air suspension with CDC provides four suspension heights, which can be adjusted automatically from soft to hard and from high to low so as to improve the driving stability and comfort.
High performance battery pack: 120kWh* CTP Battery pack with 555km WLTP Range relieving the range anxiety. The 120kWh battery pack adopts the Cell to Pack (CTP) technology, which leads the industry in terms of power and energy density. The concept of fire sprinklers can prevent thermal diffusion.
The new generation of HiPhi Dynamic Chassis Control technology provides integrated digital control of body stability, front and rear steering and power output, allowing the different control units and actuators to be combined into one, improving the steering, stability and ultimate responsiveness of the entire vehicle.

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