Jiayuan Komi


The Jiayuan Komi is Jiayuan’s new model set to take European cities by storm. With i’s modern interior and exterior design the Komi was awarded a prestigous A’Design Award, winning the Silver A’Design Award 2021 in the Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award Category. The Komi has 32 kW of power with a speed limited to 120 km/h, 17.8 kWh battery, allowing for a range of 160 km, slow charge rating for a full charge of the battery is rated at 6h. The Jiayuan Komi comes equipped with top safety and comfort features such as stability control, double front airbag (something unusual in this segment), ABS, Light sensor and also comfort features such as air conditioning, electric mirrors, push button start and keyless access among other things.

Battery: 17.8 kWh
Autonomy: 160 km
Top Speed: 120 km/h
Rated power: 32 kW
Max Torque: 140 Nm

Pay deposit of 1,000  per item

More about the Jiayuan Komi

This is the electric vehicle with three door four seater, the length is less than three meters. it is designed to meet the safety standards of the european M1, also taking into account the space constraints of the japanese K-CAR standard, and obtain better ergonomics , space utilization. it also can meet the maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour, with complete functional configuration, smart and cute.

Keyless entry makes it easy for you to enter the car. the convenient and concise design allows you to control the vehicle. the e call system makes you no lonely. it’s own intelligent navigation and information interaction make you familiar with the whole world.
Small space, unique structure combined with traditional stamping process, and more than sixty percent high strength steel to ensure the safety of the body, integrated ESC body stability system, ABS anti lock brake system, EPB electronic handbrake to meet vehicle auxiliary safety.

The overall size of the whole vehicle is length 2998mm, width 1478mm, height 1555mm, maximum speed 120 kilometres per hour, acceleration time is 7 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour, maximum driving range is 160 km, the weight is 780 kg.

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