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An SUV Design Leading the AD Era, NIO’s watchtower sensor layout and concept of Design for AD are rendered on an SUV for the first time. Its iconic fascia with the pure and powerful X-Bar makes NIO EL7 distinctive.

Battery: 100 / 75 kWh
Autonomy: 509 / 391 km
0 – 100 km/h: 3.9 sec
Top Speed 200 km/h
Total Torque: 850 Nm
Rated power: 2 x 480 kW

Pay deposit of 1,000  per item

More about the NIO EL7

The EL7 boasts generous trunk space with a maximum volume of 658 liters (Incl. the trunk underfloor storage), ideal for getaways and long road trips. With the rear seats folded flat, the trunk has a length of up to 1,880 mm, creating more flexibility in the space.

The EL7 runs on NIO Digital System Banyan, featuring industry-leading hardware and brand-new software that deliver experiences beyond expectations. NIO’s second-generation digital cockpit represents a comprehensive upgrade on computing, graphics processing, and multimedia processing capabilities.

AMOLED Center Display
The 12.8-inch AMOLED center display with ultra-high contrast ratio and wide color gamut boasts premium clarity and vivid colors. Designed to be airy and thin, the floating display with its ultra-slim frame fits perfectly into the refined interior.

NOMI is becoming smarter and more knowledgeable, able to start a free-flowing conversation with a simple eye gaze. The connected knowledge base lets NOMI answer more questions from users.

Enhanced HUD
The HUD has a larger 260,000-color display with more sophisticated image quality. It also supports automatic brightness adjustment and height adjustment.

AR/VR Compatible
The ES7 is compatible with the high-performance AR and VR devices jointly developed by NIO and its partners. Plug in the headset and step into a new world.
*AR demonstration only

Waterfall Ambient Lighting
The soft lightning with diffuse reflection accentuates the elegant lines and surfaces in the cabin and render a relaxing home-like feeling. The 256 gradient colors and 10 ambience modes show breathing effect and rhythmic vibes.

7.1.4 Immersive Sound System
The 7.1.4 channel surround sound system has 23 speakers and 1,000 watts peak power. Powered be Dolby Atmos technology and leading Dirac Pro spatial audio algorithms, the system reproduces an immersion with enriched fidelity and depth of sound.

Dual-Motor Smart AWD
The e-AWD system features a PM motor of 180 kW peak power on the front and a 300 kW peak power induction motor at the rear.

50:50 Weight Distribution
Even weight distribution between the front and the rear axles is essential for a confident handling.

High-Strength Aluminum-Carbon Fiber Hybrid Body
Designed following the five-star safety ratings of C-NCAP and Euro NCAP,the ES7 has an industry-leading hybrid body with the high-strength aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.
The ultra-high strength aerospace-grade 7000 series aluminum alloy used in the main reinforced structures brings other-worldly strength.

NIO’s In-house Developed Intelligent Chassis Controller
The ICC integrates controls for the redundant parking brake, air suspension system, and dampers to fine-tune the comfort level and handling of the chassis. Self-developed by NIO, it’s capable of more flexible iteration with FOTA updates.

360° visual redundancy strong peripheral perception
NIO Aquila Super Sensing features 33 high-performance sensing units, including an ultralong-range high-resolution LiDAR, seven 8 MP high-resolution cameras, four 3 MP light-sensitive surround-view cameras, one ADMS (Advanced Driver Monitoring System), five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, GPS, IMU, and V2X. Furthermore, with perception fusion, NIO Aquila redefines the standards of intelligent driving sensing system on production models.

8 MP Intelligent Driving High-Resolution Cameras
Vision is the essence of perception while resolution decides the clarity of the vision. The 8 MP high-resolution cameras see further with finer details.

Ultralong-Range High-Resolution LiDAR
The ultralong-range high-resolution LiDAR is essential to improving the safety of intelligent driving. Together with the 8 MP high-resolution cameras, it significantly betters the perception of NAD, raising the safety of intelligent driving by two levels.

33 High-Performance Sensing Units 8 GB Data per Second
NIO Aquila Super Sensing has a throughput of 8 GB data per second, equivalent to downloading two 4K movies in one second.

The EL7 supports 10 driving modes that cover all complicated driving scenarios and meet users’ personalized driving demands:

Eco – Extension of the remaining range
Comfort – Balanced performance and experience
Sport – 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds
Sport+ – 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds
Custom – Your exclusive driving mode
Snow – Steady start and drive in snow
Sand – Dynamic torque distribution for a smooth drive on sand
Wet – Stability and confidence on slippery road surfaces
Easy Pass – Convenient pass-through with lifted ride height
Trailer – Exclusive tuning for towing scenarios

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