Xpeng P5 550P

The futuristic and dynamic design of the Xpeng P5 is inspired by space flight and astro-dynamics optimizes wind resistance. Experience the future of smart driving. The Xpeng P5 deftly navigates through complex driving scenarios thanks to the XPILOT 3.5 with an impressive selection of intelligent functions: City Navigation Guided Pilot, multi-storey Valet Parking Assist and much more. The Xpeng P5 accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 7.5 seconds, it has a range of up to 600 km on a single charge, and fast charging capability which only 30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.

Battery: 66.2 kWh
Autonomy: up to 550 km
0 – 100 km/h: 7.5 sec
Max Torque: 310 Nm
Rated power: 155 kW

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More about the Xpeng P5 550P

  • NAPA leather seats
  • XPENG Advanced Surround Sound System
  • 8 speakers
  • Guardian Smart Fragrance System
  • Sleeping set
  • 6-way power adjustment on the driver’s seat
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Heat pump
  • Lightsaber 3.0 LED Lights
  • Lightsaber 3.0 LED DRL
  • LED Smart Interactive Light Signals
  • 1,493 m2 Panoramic Sunroof
  • Hidden Electric Door Handle
360º Panoramic Vision
The XPENG P5 is always aware of its surroundings with a 360º view supported by a total of 32 sensors, including cameras, Lidars, a sub-meter positioning unit and high-precision urban maps, to allow the vehicle to better adapt to the most complex driving conditions.

NGP City
The XPENG P5 changes your entire urban driving experience, by lessening the chaos and stress of urban driving. Equipped with a host of smart capabilities such as navigating at traffic light intersections, overtaking in urban road conditions, personalized vehicle tracking, intelligent speed limit adjustment and much more, the XPENG P5 deftly navigates you through congested traffic and labyrinthine intersections.

NGP-L Highway
Driving is once again an easy and enjoyable affair thanks to the XPENG P5’s plethora of driver assistance systems. The XPENG P5 offers Intelligent Assisted Ramp Entry/Exit, Intelligent Assisted Highway Change, Optimal Lane Selection, Intelligent Assisted Overtaking, Intelligent Assisted Speed Limit Adjustment and much more.

With its multi-story valet parking attendant, the XPENG P5’s XPILOT system takes the hassle out of parking. Enjoy seamless, automated parking in parking lots with the XPENG G5’s dual LiDAR and multi-camera fusion platform and intelligent decision-making algorithms.

  • 15.6-inch Central Touch Screen Display
  • 12.3-inch HD Liquid Crystal Intelligent Instrument Panel
  • All scenario voice assistant
  • The 3rd-Gen Snapdragon flagship digital cockpit platform (SA8155P chip)
  • Bluetooth digital key sensorless entry
Sleep mode
With the touch of a button, the front seats flatten and transform into a comfortable bed. Together with 360° privacy blinds and sleeping sets, the XPENG P5 creates a spacious and relaxing space to rest in – your own mobile room.

Cinema mode
Comfortable sofa space, air conditioning and fragrances are provided in the XPENG P5, allowing you to share this versatile smart space with your partner and friends for a truly immersive movie experience.

Smart Guard Fragrance System
The XPENG P5 provides a unique air refreshing experience by combining ambient lighting and customizable fragrance concentrations and options. Along with this, an intelligent CO² and CO concentration monitoring system is always there to monitor the air quality inside the vehicle, ensuring your safety.

Refrigerator in the car
The XPENG P5 car refrigerator enables a more convenient and pleasant journey, providing you with ample storage space to cool your drinks.

More fun
The real-time operations and monitoring capabilities of the XPENG P5 can control many peripheral devices, such as a drone, through voice or central information display (CID, smart cockpit), creating unforgettable experiences.

Active safety
The XPENG P5 comes equipped with more than 10 active safety features, giving you full protection, including Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Door Open Warning (DOW) and many more. further.
High strength body structure
Optimal protection for the driver and passengers is essential. The XPENG P5’s exceptionally robust 70% high-strength steel frame ensures reliable safety in any situation.

Secondary collision mitigation
If the XPENG P5 is involved in a collision, the brake assist system automatically generates pressure to reduce speed and reduce the chances of secondary collisions.

Battery safety
Strict IP68 waterproof and dustproof standards, plus an ultra-durable protective case and real-time temperature monitoring, ensure the long-term battery safety of the XPENG P5.

  • Range (WLTP): 505 km
  • Power: 473 hp
  • Torque: 757 Nm
  • Battery capacity (net): NCM 82.7 kWt
  • Consumption: 19.2 kWh/100km
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4.1 seconds
  • Top speed: 200 km/h
  • DC charging: 175 kW (10-80% in 29 min)
  • AC charging: 11 kW (3-phase)
  • V2L: 3.3 kW (230 V outlet from charging port)
  • Heat Pump – X-HP 2.0 Intelligent Thermal Management System

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