Zeekr X RWD Long Range


The Zeekr X is a compact electric SUV destined to take Europe by storm. It’s urban distinctive styling give it a unique personality, the Zeekr X brings elegance and style to your everyday life.

Battery: 69 kWh
Autonomy: 440 km
0-100 km/h: 5.6 sec
Top Speed: 180 km/h
Max Torque: 343 Nm
Rated power: 200 kW

Pay deposit of 1,000  per item

More about the Zeekr X RWD Long Range

The all-new ZEEKR X is a compact luxury SUV created for urban lifestyles and the megacities of today – it is the perfect companion for adventurers and families seeking new challenges and new environments to explore. Effortlessly blending stunningly pure surfaces and details, its bold, unique, extrovert form is also timeless, thanks to proportions based on the same ‘golden ratio’ used in the worlds of architecture, art, and product design, and which still inform all great vehicle designs to this day.
Like the ZEEKR 001, the ZEEKR X uses state-of-the-art electric motor and battery technology to deliver range, efficiency and performance without compromise.

The flexible, modular design of the SEA architecture used for both the ZEEKR X and ZEEKR 001 means that it can accommodate a range of different chassis systems – as well as powertrains – tailored to the requirements of each specific application.

The ZEEKR X’s intelligent cockpit offers cutting-edge technology, just like its larger sibling, proving that every ZEEKR is designed to deliver a truly immersive user experience.

Based on the same SEA architecture as the ZEEKR 001, the ZEEKR X’s body structure uses an intelligent mix of materials – of which 73 per cent is high-strength steel – to deliver very high levels of safety while reducing weight. To illustrate how effectively the occupant safety cell has been designed, the roof can withstand a weight of nine tonnes. To enhance side impact protection for both occupants and the battery pack, the anti-collision beams feature a complex eight-tube, multi-layer structure which can withstand a lateral impact force of 636kN.

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